PREME, are the System House for Messung Systems, the pioneers of indigenous ‘PLC’ Technology and MITSUBISHI Electric for complete Automation Solutions.
  • Large product family to suit a wide range of application
    MICRO (68 I/O) NEXGEN (512 I/O)
    FX (256 I/O) AnS (1000 I/O)
  • A wide range of choice in Digital, Analog, Remote I/O,
  • MMI with wide choice in Text and Graphic Display
  • Touch Screen with Mono-chrome and Colour LCD
PREME, are the System Integrators for KIRLOSKAR Electric Company, the pioneers of indigenous ‘AC Drive’ Technology. VICTOR is a general-purpose inverter with state-of-the-art electronics and incorporates the latest IGBT and unique display unit.
  • 2.2 KW to 220KW
PREME, are the authorised dealers for DELTA Electronics, make Variable Speed AC Motor Drives, AC Servo Drives, Encoders, Temperature Controller and Communication Modules.
  • 0.5 KW to 100KW
  • Built - in RS485 Communication
  • PID with Auto – Tuning